Active Living at Cotner

Building community by eating together


Cotner offers regularly scheduled, but optional, catered meals along with twice-a-month potlucks .

Monthly programs available for residents to enjoy


A variety of monthly programs are offered for the Cotner community's enjoyment

Projects that involve the broader community


Special projects like the annual Cotner garage sale bring in the community while allowing you to empty your closet.

Special events and social occasions


Cotner has a number of special events that have become traditions, such as the summer cookout with fresh corn, hamburgers, and hot dogs.

Small group initiatives welcome and enjoyed by all


The Cotner house band is an example of a small group of residents coming together to make things happen.

Cards, shuffleboard, puzzles, movies, bingo


Opportunities abound for group or solitary pursuits such as regular card games, puzzles, movie nights, etc.