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Community Association Living... Is it Right for You?


People are moving in to retirement communities, especially condominiums, because there are so many benefits to this type of owner occupied independent living. Condominium associations are governed by statutes, by documents such as Master Deed & By-Laws, and by rules made from time to time by a board consisting of residents of the condominium.  It is assumed that those who purchase a unit in a condominium association are aware of the laws of the association, and that by signing the purchase agreement, have agreed to abide by the governing laws and documents, and any future rules adopted by the Board of Administrators, provided they violate no existing statutes.


Condominium associations boast many advantages.

§         Someone else mows the grass and shovels the snow.

§         Safety and security within the complex.

§         Game room and exercise equipment available without the maintenance.

§         Social activities abound.

§         Lots of nice neighbors.

§         Special events.

§         Ability to leave on vacation without worry.

§         Low monthly expenses.


Condominium associations have their downsides.

§         Number of people living in units is restricted.

§         Age restrictions exist.  You must be 55 or older.

§        Parking is restricted.

§        Smoking is not allowed.

§        No pets are allowed, but some comfort animals are allowed with a doctor's prescription.  

§        You may have to pay for amenities you do not use.

§        Failure to pay your monthly assessment could result in a fine or lien against your property or the restriction of the use of common areas.

§         The Board has the right to enter units to perform repair or maintenance of common elements.

§         Covenants dictate what you are allowed to store in storage rooms, what is allowed on your patio, even some of the maintenance in your unit.  

§         Covenants and restrictions prohibit alterations, additions, or modifications without Board consent.


Some people become unhappy with their decision to move to a community association because:

§         They fail to distinguish between their previously owned single family home and their new condominium.

§         They fail to understand they have given up some of their property rights for all the wonderful amenities.


People who seem to get along in a condominium association tend to be:

  •       Independent, with a strong sense of self reliance and willingness to help.
  •       Do their best to maintain a spirit of harmony and cooperation.
  •       Outgoing, people oriented, enjoy social activities.
  •       Enjoy the flexibility to travel frequently or for long periods of time.


People who don’t seem to enjoy condominium life tend to be:

§         Free-spirited; don’t like to conform; want others to do things the way they think they should be done.

§         Overly sensitive to rules and regulations; obsessive about non-compliance of rules by others.


Cotner Center welcomes you as a guest anytime, and as a Co-Owner if you think independent retirement condominium living is your kind of life-style.

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